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The PS-94 Series is Unitron's latest generation of universal input (30 to 800 Hz) to 50, 60 or 400 Hz output lightweight frequency converters for airborne, shelter and laboratory operations.  This new generation of frequency converters incorporates the latest state-of-the-art technology to meet input power standards for low input current distortion and a high input power factor, while keeping the converter small in size and lightweight.  Output power ratings for the frequency converter series are 3.5 kVA to 17.5 kVA (for higher ratings, contact factory).  Paralleling with N+1 redundancy and hot swap options are also available for the PS-94 Series frequency converters.

The latest development in the PS-94 Series frequency converters is the Programmable Power Supply.  The frequency converter is designed to operate from a wide input power frequency (30-800 Hz), and provide 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 400 Hz output power in various single-phase and three-phase configurations, depending upon which programmable adapter is selected.  Because the customer is able to use the same base unit to provide any output power frequency (50 Hz, 60 Hz or 400 Hz), the converter can be used in a variety of applications, without having to stock or support additional units.

As an expansion of the PS-94 Series frequency converters, Unitron has developed the PS-95-448-1 Medevac Portable Power System, a self-contained, easily transportable unit to convert 400 Hz aircraft power into a 3-station, 60 Hz power bus for medical evacuation stations aboard military and commercial aircraft.  Each of the three stations is equipped with a NEMA 15-5R receptacle and independent circuit breaker.

Additionally, the PS-94 Series offers ride-through options up to 100ms for applications where Mil-Std-704E power quality is needed aboard Legacy Aircraft with an electrical bus meeting Mil-Std-704A power quality.  This attribute avoids the necessity of upgrading legacy aircraft electrical systems when the use of modern avionics equipment is required.



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Output Freq (Hz)

Output Voltage EMI Parallel
50 60 400 Volts Config MIL-STD
X X X Selectable X   X


X X X Selectable   X X PS-94-444-22C
X X X Selectable X   X PS-94-444-29A
X X X Selectable X   X PS-94-444-29B
X X X Selectable   X X PS-94-444-29C
X X X Selectable   X X PS-94-444-29D
X X X Selectable X   X PS-94-444-23A
X X X Selectable X   X PS-94-444-23B
X X X Selectable   X X PS-94-444-23C
X X X Selectable   X X PS-94-444-23D
X X X Selectable   X X PS-94-444-27C
X X X Selectable   X X PS-94-444-27D
  X   115 1 X    


X X X Selectable   X X PS-94-444-14
X X X Selectable X   X PS-94-444-16
X X X Selectable   X X PS-94-444-17
X X X Selectable X   X PS-94-444-18
  X   115 1 X     PS-95-448-2
    X 115/200 3 X     PS-94-450-1
    X 115/200 3 X     PS-94-451-1
  X   115 1   X   PS-94-449-1
X X X Selectable X   X PS-94-444-21
X X X Selectable X   X PS-94-444-25
X X X Selectable X   X PS-94-444-26
X     115/230 1   X   PS-94-444-7
  X   100 1 X     PS-94-444-11
  X   115 1   X   PS-94-444-2
  X   115 1 X   X PS-94-444-4
  X   115 1 X   X PS-94-444-15
  X   115 1   X X PS-94-444-10
  X   115 1   X X PS-94-444-13
  X   115/200 3 X     PS-94-444-20
  X   115/200 3   X   PS-94-444-5
  X   115/230 1   X   PS-94-444-8
    X 115 1   X   PS-94-444-3
    X 115/200 3   X   PS-94-444-6
    X 115/200 3   X X PS-94-444-19

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